Parking Lot Procedure

Please be aware that the Irvine Police Department actively patrols the area around College Park at arrival and dismissal times. In addition to enforcing the procedures described below, they watch for cars speeding, illegally parking, and other unsafe driving behaviors.  In order to keep our students safe, we ask that parents use caution when driving in our parking lot and around our school. When parking in the neighborhood, please obey all traffic laws and be considerate to our neighbors. Please do not block driveways, leave trash in the area, allow your children to play on someone’s yard, or make excessive noise.

Please be advised that our parking lot is closed to parents and visitors.  Parents and guests must park on one of the streets surrounding the school and drop off and pick up students in the designated areas. Those parents and guests who display a DMV handicapped placard will be permitted to enter the lot at any time. Three handicapped parking spaces are available for their use.

Two areas in front of the school, one on Fir Avenue and the other on Chaparral Avenue, have been designated as loading zones between the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.. During those times, you may only drop off and pick up your child. When dropping off students, please pull as far ahead as possible next to the curb in the loading zone before dropping off your children. This will keep things moving quickly. At no time may a driver leave his/her car unattended or park in the loading zone during the posted hours. In addition, the Irvine Police Department will cite any parent unloading students in the street away from the curb. Not only is it illegal, but incredibly dangerous.

Only during non-loading zone hours will parents and guests be permitted to park in those areas on Fir and Chaparral Avenues. If you must walk your child to class, please park your car on the street.

If your 3rd – 6th grade child will be walking or riding his/her bicycle to school, please discuss the safest route with him or her.  Bicyclists and pedestrians must use crosswalks and utilize the assistance of a crossing guard or staff member when provided. Students are not allowed to cross the parking lot at any time without using one of the crosswalks located at the entrance and exit of the lot.  They should always walk their bikes across crosswalks.  Please review these rules with them.

In the best interest of all, your cooperation with these traffic, loading, unloading, and parking procedures is greatly appreciated.