Mission Statement

College Park’s mission is to promote academic excellence and instill in students the technical skills necessary to succeed in the world of tomorrow. As a result, we hope that students will become more innovative, develop a "Growth Mindset," develop the skills necessary to think and express themselves clearly, and acquire the values necessary to act well, appreciate life and contribute to society. The College Park staff, parents, and surrounding community share a common vision. High-quality classroom instruction, students who are motivated to learn, a warm and nurturing learning environment, and a supportive and encouraging parent-community help to make College Park a wonderful place to learn and work.

It is our goal that all students will leave College Park able to read, write, and compute at high levels. By accomplishing this goal, students are afforded the opportunity to experience academic success at the next level and beyond. To ensure this success, the College Park staff is dedicated to using sound instructional practices and high-quality instructional materials. This includes the integration of technology and innovative practices throughout the curriculum. Our instructional programs combine explicit skill instruction, such as phonics and mathematics skills, and instruction that is embedded within a meaningful context. Students have the ability to go beyond the “basics,” through the use of technology, including Internet access, and a large inventory of instructional computer software, including a video-editing and production program, in addition to our new and growing innovation lab. It is due to our common vision, highly skilled staff, “state of the art” instructional materials, and commitment to provide students with an environment that encourages respect, responsibility, integrity, and safety that we are able to be successful with our mission.